Sherbet Lemon – The 100 V V Rouleaux Colours


Inspired by V V Rouleaux founder Annabel’s favourite childhood sweetie – a packet of sherbet fizz with a liquorice stick – zesty Sherbet Lemon is the colour choice of the bold. A vibrant, cool, sunshine yellow, great for fashion and interior projects alike.

Pair it with Himalayan Poppy, Deep Forest, or shades of pink such as Rose Pink and Old Fuschia and watch it pop.

The video above and photos below will give you a few ideas on things you can make with Sherbet Lemon ribbons and trimmings. Annabel designed a woven cushion using Grosgrain Ribbon, a headband with Single Sided Velvet Ribbon, and a Wired Ribbon lampshade.

What will you make? Tag us in snaps of your creations on social media @vvrouleaux.

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