Scabious Lilac – The 100 V V Rouleaux Colours


Romantic, light, elegant and all kinds of pretty, Scabious Lilac has a way of taking you away to somewhere dreamy.

Lilac is a pale version of purple, but its soul it is more closely related to pink. Think of it as a grown up pink – this makes it much easier to wear.

This gentle, cool colour is perfect for a Spring/Summer wedding. We have visions of bouquets wrapped with Scabious Lilac Satin Ribbon flowing in the wind.

What’s more, opt for this shade if you think the time has come to refresh your home’s design. Contemporary interior design is all about searching for new solutions and rethinking what we already know – so why not give a boost to traditional furnishings with trims in a pastel tone?

We hope you love Scabious Lilac as much as we do! Let us know in the comments box below.

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