Say it with a smartie or trilby hat


The challenge, when buying a hat, is to make it yours. Like tweed jackets and leather bags, a good hat looks better with age. Wear it in, wear it often and wear it until people associate you with it, that’s what we say!

Two classic options are the petite smartie and the sturdy trilby.  If you’re heading to the Cheltenham Festival in March or the Grand National in April, where it’s all about understated glamour, you can’t step a fashionable foot wrong in these style staples.

Smartie hats are full of vintage-inspired elegance and are as wonderful for the races as they are for weddings and evening do’s.  And a trilby leaves an impression. They’re particularly eye-catching with sharp, well-tailored jackets, and are the first port of call for anyone wanting to add a hat to their rainy day, formal, or working wardrobe.

The hats below, and many more beautiful choices, can be purchased online here. All of our trilbies and smarties are customisable, so if you would like to add a personal touch the girls at our Marylebone Lane shop will be happy assist designing the perfect V V style for you.

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