DIY ribbon trim bouclé jacket


Materials: bouclé jacket, a choice of Ribbons, Braids, and Fringe, needle and thread (or a sewing machine), and pins.

Tackle the ‘throwaway fashion’ culture and revamp an old jacket, giving it a fresh new look. Follow our guide and you’ll have a beautiful couture piece in no time.

  1. Pick out the jacket you want to revamp and select your ribbons. We recommend choosing a range of ribbons in complementary shades and don’t be afraid to use patterns and textures to add interest. Combinations of Velvet Ribbon, Striped Ribbon, and Satin Ribbon work great together, and you could use some Fringing for a fun addition.
  2. Place your ribbons across the cuffs and play with the order until you’re happy with the final design. Once that’s done, cut the ribbons to the correct length and pin them into place.
  3. To complete, stitch down the middle of each piece of ribbon and across either end (with a matching thread) to secure the ribbons in place.

If you have lots of ribbon left over, why not add to the collar too!

We hope you like refreshing your jackets and would love to see your designs – tag us in your photos on social media @vvrouleaux. If you have any questions please write to us in the comments box below.

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