Customise your shoes! 9 ways to decorate shoes with ribbons, pom poms, and tassels


Got a pair of shoes that look a bit worse for wear? You’re not alone. Everyone has a favourite shoes they use more than the other ones. Maybe they’re extremely comfortable or beautiful, or you’re just used to wearing them. It’s really sad when they start getting worn and old and you can’t bare the thought of throwing them away. But never fear, shoe upcycling is here!

Shoes are a great canvas for creative ideas and with very little effort you can make them look like a brand new pair.  Simply give them a good wash and get trimming with Ribbon, Cord, Tassels, and any other beautiful bits and bobs you can find. In case you’re stuck for ways to decorate, we’ve put together a few of the best and most beautifully innovative ways to customise your shoes below. Step right this way…

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