15 ideas to cure winter wardrobe boredom


If you’ve been pulling out the same turtleneck and jeans combo for what feels like a million days in a row, you might have cold-weather-induced bored-of-everything-itis. Don’t worry, it’s completely curable with a mega dose of V V Rouleaux trimming inspiration.

Below are 15 trend-setting winter styling ideas using our Ribbon, Flowers, Braid, Cord, Lace, Fringe and Feathers in quite a few of the 100 V V Rouleaux Colours. These fashion upcycling ideas are sure to keep you 1) entertained 2) stylish and 3) cosy in the brisk weeks ahead.

Have you used our trimmings to upcycle your clothes? We’d love to see your creations on social media @vvrouleaux.

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